2012 Winners
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The NEA Foundation

Accessible eLearning Leadership Qualities

Recognizing the growing popularity and reach of online education, the NEA Foundation is developing engaging eLearning curriculums for local unions and school district leaders who are working together to improve public education. The Foundationís user interface and courseware will be accessible to interested partners nationwide and will also provide equal access to individuals with physical disabilities. The Foundation demonstrated leadership by including accessibility as one of their desired qualities in a course authoring platform. This is in stark contrast to organizations that use industry leading software platforms that provide alternative versions for disabled individuals.

About the Learning

What is the unionís role in educational reform? How can collaborative structures for making decisions and solving problems be developed? What national and international forces are effecting public education? These and other questions will be addressed in the NEA Foundationís upcoming eLearning titles.

The NEA Foundation is an independent, public charity supported by contributions from educators, corporate sponsors, and others. We partner with education unions, districts, and communities to create powerful, sustainable improvements in teaching and learning.

Visit www.neafoundation.org to learn more.

Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C.

Accessible eLearning Leadership Qualities

As part of a large organization competing on a global scale, Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. ("Veolia") demonstrated its support for Accessible eLearning where many other corporations fall short. Embarking on a new series of courses, Veolia chose to embed Accessibility into its core eLearning technology.

As shown in the screen image to the right, Veolia shows that the results can be both visually stunning and very accessible to anyone using adaptive technology. While many global corporations are either unaware or try to side-step accessibility, Veolia has shown leadership that many companies should follow.

About the Learning

Veolia has a number of Human Resources & Safety related titles built upon an accessible foundation. When determining how to take Veolia e-Learning to a new level, Mike Loeffel, Director of Learning and Development , chose to "design-in" accessibility from the start. As Mike states, "We learned that by designing for accessibility upfront, costs were minimal and more importantly, we set a benchmark for future courses. Once we understood how producing accessible eLearning could be done, it was an easy decision".

Headquartered in Lombard, IL Veolia ES Technical Solutions offers a complete range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste services through its nationwide network of service, treatment and transportation facilities; includes electronics recycling, energy recovery, incineration, lab services, materials recycling and recovery, and a variety of on-site services.

Visit www.VeoliaES.com to learn more.

United States Department of Agriculture - Team AgLearn

Accessible eLearning Leadership Qualities

The sheer scale of the USDAís AgLearn operations is impressive. Considering Team AgLearn provides education services for over 20 agencies, 125,000 employees, contractors, and partners of the USDA, and manages the creation and delivery of eLearning across the enterprise; theirs is certainly a large-scale endeavor. Ensuring Section 508 Compliance has always been a priority for the USDA as long ago they integrated Accessibility into their Standards and Guidelines as well as a "508 compliance check" step before content is made available on their Learning Management System "AgLearn".

The USDA demonstrated leadership to accessible eLearning by enabling large-scale content development across the agency that builds in Accessibility. How large scale? Throughout 2011, Team AgLearn created more than 170 eLearning courses composed of more than 12,000 pages of learning content and assessment questions.

Director of AgLearn, Jerome Davin comments "The US Department of Agriculture is committed to creating Section 508 compliant learning content and enabling my customers to do so in an efficient and effective manner contributes to USDA's programs and services.

About the Learning

The USDA provides a wide-range of training through AgLearn. The courseware ranges from simple acknowledgement modules to complete software training to more in-depth compliance courseware.

Visit www.USDA.gov to learn more.

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